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Whether you win or lose before the trial court, the appellate process is a whole new ball game. Greene Espel’s appellate attorneys understand the distinction between trial work and appellate advocacy. We rise above the tactics of trial and provide an independent and objective assessment of the pivotal issues for appeal. We develop an appellate strategy that is based on how appellate court judges are likely to view a case in light of legal, institutional, and policy considerations.

We handle appeals in state and federal courts across the nation, with particular emphasis on the Minnesota appellate courts and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. In the “appellate litigation” section of Benchmark’s most recent guide, Greene Espel was one of only four firms in Minnesota that earned the “highly recommended” classification for Eighth Circuit appellate litigation. Our attorneys are known for their exceptional brief writing, insightful analysis, and persuasive oral advocacy. Many of our appellate attorneys are former clerks at the Eighth Circuit or Minnesota appellate courts and hold leadership positions with the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Appellate Practice Council, the Eighth Circuit Bar Association, and the Federal Bar Association. Our clients benefit from our knowledge of the inner workings of the appellate courts and our participation in judicial administration and policy.

Our appellate work can begin from a case's inception or after judgment has been entered. We can be involved in several ways:

  • Consulting at the trial court level to ensure that the case is properly prepared and postured for appeal and issues for appeal are preserved
  • Consulting at the appellate level with clients and existing counsel regarding case assessment, strategy, amicus support, brief preparation, oral argument preparation, and moot court rehearsals
  • Assuming full responsibility for all aspects of an appeal, including case assessment and appellate strategy, brief preparation, oral argument, preparing or responding to petitions for review, and post-appeal strategy
  • Writing amicus briefs

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