Greene Espel has extensive experience with international investigations and cross-border dispute resolution, including litigation and arbitration. We regularly deploy teams to locations in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe to conduct interviews and gather evidence. We use that information to help our clients win cases and to identify and mitigate risk.


Greene Espel regularly handles procedural issues that arise in international disputes, including serving process and subpoenaing evidence outside the United States; bringing and defending motions relating to personal and subject matter jurisdiction, forum non conveniens, and choice of law; and presenting expert testimony on foreign law.

In one recent matter, we represented a European subsidiary of a Fortune 100 company in New York litigation against a European vendor of defective electronic components.  We interfaced with EU, UK, and Swiss counsel to ensure that all evidence was collected in accordance with applicable local laws, and we conducted depositions of multiple witnesses in Germany. Ultimately, we were able to resolve the case at the close of fact and expert discovery with our client recovering more than 80% of its damages.

In addition, Greene Espel has represented a multinational corporation in multidistrict litigation relating to the international commodities trade.  In that matter, we have routinely prepared witnesses and taken or defended depositions in countries including China, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, and we have dealt extensively with the presentation of expert witness testimony on foreign law.

Another client is a resort developer in Latin America for whom we regularly handle on-site investigations and disputes with U.S.-based customers and competitors. Where customer disputes have led to U.S. litigation, we have obtained dismissal in favor of arbitration in the client’s home country.

In another matter, we represented a U.S. company in a lawsuit alleging theft of trade secrets by a European competitor. When that adversary refused to comply with its U.S. discovery obligations, we obtained a federal court order permanently enjoining that entity from conducting business in the United States.

We also regularly conduct internal investigations to help clients identify and mitigate risk associated with corrupt business practices within foreign subsidiaries and vendors. 

Greene Espel attorneys serve as members and leaders of the International Association of Defense Counsel, the American Bar Association Section of International Law, and the Sedona Conference Working Group on International Electronic Information Management, Discovery and Disclosure. This gives our firm global reach and the ability to quickly partner with law firms around the world in order to address your specific needs. Our relationships with leading international accounting, business, and transactional firms allow us to assist clients with a wide range of issues.