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Espel shares Children's Law Center experiences

Larry Espel detailed his experience representing two brothers in the child protection system in the Children’s Law Center of Minnesota Summer 2014 newsletter. 

We have been through tough times together and I have helped them come to terms with developments. They are fortunate to have a wonderful guardian ad litem who is always in their corner. And, the County representative has been on the ball for these boys. So, they have allies as they navigate through the challenges that life has given them. I have encountered other situations in which there is more division between my clients and either the County, or the GAL, or both. In this sense, these boys have been lucky. But even so, it has been clear that the boys appreciate having their own lawyer, who is always advocating for what they want.

The County found another foster home for the boys, where they currently reside. Efforts have been ongoing to recruit potential adoptive families for the boys. Candidates are emerging, and the boys very much hope for adoption. I look forward to a chance to attend their adoption ceremony. Fingers are crossed. For these boys, finding a family is the “one thing.” For the time being, I am hoping to help them stay on track.
Larry has been volunteering for CLC since 2000. For more about Larry’s experience, click here.

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