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Federal judge affirms $11 million verdict for Greene Espel client

On June 15, 2015, Judge Ann D. Montgomery affirmed an $11 million jury verdict against Toyota in the case Trice et al.  v. Toyota Motor Corporation et al.  The jury had found that a design defect in Koua Fong Lee’s 1996 Toyota Camry was a direct cause of a 2006 crash that killed three and injured two. In a 67-page memorandum and order, Judge Montgomery rejected Toyota’s arguments to set aside the verdict or for a new trial. Judge Montgomery also added pre- and post-judgment interest to the verdict, increasing the total judgment against Toyota to over $14 million. Kevin Zhao  served as part of the legal team representing Koua Fong Lee during the 4-week trial and for post-trial motions. Robert C. Hilliard of Hilliard Munoz Gonzalez LLP served as lead trial counsel. The decision is featured in recent Star Tribune and Law360 (sub. Req.) articles.

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