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Greene Espel Attorneys Present at Attorney-Client Privilege Seminar

When: Thursday, August 30. 2018

Where: Minnesota CLE Conference Center

Following the release of the desktop book Attorney-Client Privilege: What Every Attorney Needs to Know, four Greene Espel attorneysincluding book editors Sybil Dunlop and Jenny Gassman-Pineswill will join contributors to provide an overview on featured topics in an all-day seminar. The presenters will cover the elements of attorney-client privilege and the work product doctrine, including exceptions to privilege, privilege in the press, document privilege, and international considerations.

Greene Espel attorneys will present in the following sessions:

  • General Principles of Attorney-Client Privilege (Sybil Dunlop & Jenny Gassman-Pines)
  • Hot Topics Lightning Round (Jenny Gassman-Pines & Sybil Dunlop (moderators))
  • Exceptions to and Waiver of Privilege (Jenny Gassman-Pines & Sybil Dunlop (moderators))
  • Documenting and Litigating Privilege (Caitlinrose Fisher (panelist); Jenny Gassman-Pines & Sybil Dunlop (moderators))
  • When the Press Investigates Your Investigation Karl Procaccini (panelist); Jenny Gassman-Pines & Sybil Dunlop (moderators))

Sybil Dunlop helps clients resolve complex commercial and intellectual property disputes. Beyond her practice, she has written and presented nationally on the topic of implicit bias, as well as legal writing and federal practice. She offers her thoughts about the practice of law in a monthly column for Minnesota Lawyer entitled Sybil Procedure and hosts a recurring webcast series for Minnesota CLE.

As one of the firm’s newest attorneys, Caitlinrose Fisher practices Government and Constitutional Litigation and brings an in-depth deep knowledge of and experience with federal courts, and constitutionality of state and federal laws. 

Jenny Gassman-Pines defends private and public-sector clients facing employment and other commercial claims in courtroom and agency sessions. She regularly educates audiences of in-house counsel, business executives, and other trial attorneys about how to reduce exposure arising from business communications generally, and interactions with in-house counsel in particular.

Karl Procaccini routinely counsels clients on effective and efficient compliance programs to prevent costly investigations and remediation. He has presented numerous CLEs and has served as an adjunct law professor in the areas of business regulation, compliance, and international anti-corruption law.


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