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Award: Jenny Gassman-Pines Named 2022 Diversity & Inclusion Awards Honoree by Minnesota Lawyer

Greene Espel is proud to announce that Minnesota Lawyer selected attorney Jenny Gassman-Pines as a 2022 "Diversity & Inclusion Awards" honoree. Each year, Minnesota Lawyer recognizes those who have made a significant impact with respect to diversity and inclusion on the greater community or within their organizations.

Jenny Gassman-Pines is an experienced trial lawyer and fierce legal advocate as well as a champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion. As one of the founding members of Greene Espel’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practice, Jenny works with clients to develop proactive and effective strategies to avoid litigation and disputes in employment relationships and to improve their workplaces more generally. At Greene Espel, Jenny led the Personnel and Hiring Committees with a focus on eliminating bias in a interviews and creating a summer associate program that focuses on diverse attorneys. Additionally, she led the overhaul of the firm's review system—helping Greene Espel identify the ways that bias can affect feedback and training all our firm community members on the ways to give effective and non-biased feedback.

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