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About Our Firm

Greene Espel gathers extraordinary people together to meet our clients' goals and needs.

Greene Espel is a boutique litigation firm comprised of top-notch attorneys from diverse backgrounds who could work at any big law firm (any many did). Our attorneys choose Greene Espel because of the firm's deliberately different approach to serving clients. For example, we don’t track origination; every client is a firm client.

The firm delivers high-quality legal representation to a broad range of clients, providing dispute resolution, litigation, and counseling services across our clients' key areas of need, including commercial disputes, employment, product liability, intellectual property, investigations, and governmental and constitutional litigation. We have done so since 1993 using an approach that gets results, fosters trust and respect, and drives both first-rate work and exceptional client service.

No matter the issue or client, each Greene Espel attorney is personally invested in our clients’ success.

Our Deliberately Different Approach
To provide our clients with the best possible service, the firm rejected the traditional law-firm model.

We hire the finest attorneys, treat them like equals, and encourage them to invest themselves in our organization and our clients' success. All of our attorneys—partners and non-partners alike—have an equal vote in the firm’s management. This non-hierarchical structure means that every attorney on the team is empowered to voice their ideas and that the entire team "owns" its work.

As a result of our unique structure, we have been able to attract and retain attorneys of the highest quality—the best and the brightest join our firm because they can exercise their talents from day one.

Remarkable Results
Research conducted at Google demonstrates that teams achieve extraordinary results when group norms facilitate collaboration and cooperation. When group norms discourage collaboration, the collective intelligence of the group can never exceed that of any one individual. We are proud that Greene Espel encourages participation and contribution at every level—as we know that our collective intelligence is greater than any one person's. And we believe this is why our lawyers frequently outpunch the biggest firms in the world at a fraction of the cost. We are eager to bring the power of our teams to bear for our clients.

Please note

Sending information to us via this feature does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any communications containing confidential or sensitive information if you have not already retained Greene Espel PLLP to represent you.